Ghazali Musa

Department of Business Policy and Strategy
Faculty of Business and Accountancy, University of Malaya, MALAYSIA

Professor Ghazali was born on 14th April 1966 in Kg Pengkalan Berangan, Marang, Terengganu. He received his early education in Marang (Terengganu) and Kolej Islam Klang (Selangor). He studied medicine at the University of Malaya and graduated in 1991, following which he practiced medicine for 5 years in Terengganu, Sabah and University Malaya Medical Centre. In 1995, he received training in orthopedic and sports rehabilitation at Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore. In 1997, he resigned from his medical career and went to New Zealand to study Geography and Tourism Management. He received his PhD in Tourism Management from Otago University in 2002. Ghazali joined the Faculty of Business and Accountancy, University Malaya in 2003. In 2012, he was promoted to a full professor by the University. His area of expertise is Tourism management, especially in medical tourism, mountaineering tourism, scuba diving tourism, backpacking tourism, Malaysia My Second Home, sustainable tourism, among others. During the 14 years of his tenure with University Malaya, he has produced more than 100 publications, which include 8 books, 19 book chapters and 50 journal articles. Twenty of his journal manuscripts have been published in Tier 1 ISI journals. Ten of his journal publications are in Tourism Management, which is the world’s number one tourism journal with an impact factor of 4.7. He is active in carrying out both academic and consultancy research and has received a total in accumulative research funding of over RM 2 million. Professor Ghazali has been giving keynote addresses at conferences both nationally and internationally in Tourism Management. He is often either in the Editorial Board or Board of Advisors to several international journals, among which are Current Issues in Tourism, Asian Current Issues in Tourism, Annals of Leisure Research, International Journal of Tourism Cities and International Journal of Tourism and Travel. Locally he is in the editorial board of Asian Journal of Business and Accountancy. This year he has been appointed as the Editor in Chief for TEAM Journal of Tourism and Hospitality; a journal founded by the Tourism Educators Association of Malaysia. To his knowledge, as a tourism scholar, he is currently the most cited researcher in the country. At the faculty level, other than teaching and research work, he has also been constantly active in the management of the faculty by holding several current and previous posts such as Deputy Dean of Research and Development, Deputy Dean of Undergraduate Degrees, Head of Department for Marketing, Head of Department of Business Strategy and Policy, Head for Services and Innovation Centre and many others. Prof Ghazali is passionate about travel, nature, adventure and culture. His passion takes him travelling to over 100 countries. Professor Ghazali has only one biological child, a daughter who is 18 this year. However, he has fostered 15 children, of whom 8 are from 7 different countries. His main role to them is mentoring and providing financial support in their studies and also developing a unique family which is multi-cultural, multi-ethnical and multi-religious.


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